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Welcome to Weekly Lily! This site is for fans on random things, random news, random activities and ideas, and is updated every weekend during the summer. I hope you enjoy our contents on this site! ;D Guestbook Signings are greatly appreciated!

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Update 19

7 - 14 - 2013

I am BACK from Anime Expo! :D There were so many cosplayers, and the expo was so much fun! I'm planning on going again next year... You guys should try it too!

Now, onto the Weekly News... and the contest update! 

~Site manager Lily


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Hey everybody, this is the seventy-eighth week of Weekly Lily.

Enjoy! ~Site Manager Lily


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Did You Know...?

1) Men have more blood than women.

2) Peruvian Lina Medina gave birth to a baby boy at the age of just 5 years old in the year 1939.

3) The world’s population grows by 100 million each year.


Jokes n' Riddles: Never Wetter

 What never gets wetter, no matter how much it rains?

Answer: Clouds


 News: Asiana Airlines considering legal action over racially offensive fake pilot names

Asiana Airlines is weighing legal action after the National Transportation Safety Board mistakenly confirmed to a California television station fake, racially offensive names for the pilots of the flight that crashed last week in San Francisco.

The Friday report on Oakland TV station KTVU, which used four erroneous and racially charged names for the pilots of Flight 214, seriously damaged the reputation of the four pilots and the company, according to Ki Won Suh, a public relations representative for Asiana Airlines.

Suh said that Asiana Airlines is, for that reason, “considering legal action” against KTVU and the NTSB. It was not immediately clear Sunday what legal recourse the airline was mulling.

More and video on: http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/07/14/19468645-asiana-airlines-considering-legal-action-over-racially-offensive-fake-pilot-names?lite

Arra Daquina, an employee at a Starbucks outpost in the airport’s baggage claim area, happened upon the ring of a San Francisco 49ers player from the team’s Super Bowl XIX victory over the Miami Dolphins in 1984.


Game of the Week:  Hyper Pixel Man


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Random Idea of the Week:

 When you're bored with nothing to do, you need a topic. A random idea. Well, if you need that, you've come to the right place!

 Dress up as your favorite character of your favorite TV show, movie, book, etc. A cosplay takes determination, money, and a lot of time!


 WANT MORE? We need more ideas! More members! More helpers! More visitors! More voters! More Jokes n' Riddles! Let all of your friends know about this site. Let us know if you have an idea. We need more!!!

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